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It's About Engaging with Customers Online.

How can you make sure your product or service is seen by potential buyers on their laptop, mobile or tablet?

Buyers Trends

What can you do to ensure your products and services are visible in a modern online world?

- We help to ensure your existing customers and future customers get an effective mobile online buying experience. -

Targeted Content

How can you make sure your investment in Facebook and Google advertising is not a waste?

- We guarantee that using our tried and tested process for online marketing will ensure your adverts are placed in front of customers who typically buy your product or service. -

Online Conversion

What makes a customer fill an online form in, book an appointment or even just click a link?

- Even if you have a responsive web site which looks attractive, this typically is not enough to attract customers to engage online. We can make sure you get daily leads for each of your products or services from customers looking to buy online. -

Marketing & Sales Business Process Management

Reduce cost and increase online marketing and sales effectiveness with our lean Business Process Management (BPM) approach. Following the lean management philosophy of reducing waste, our lean BPM approach only uses resources with the right marketing & sales skills when needed. We apply this for each different activity of any online marketing & sales process we deliver. Employing an individual who has the necessary creative design and system programming skills for online marketing is difficult. Recruiting a whole team with the necessary combined skills is expensive with no guarantees of success. We have a Service Team & Marketing+Sales applications that deliver fast and effective results for each online marketing & sales process activity. Today, our clients use us to support their marketing & sales processes end to end, for example optimisation of Adwords Campaigns with 1000s of keywords to taking appointment reservations through an online booking app.

Local, National or Global Expansion

Depending on your product or service niche, online you can choose how far you reach.

Online Marketing & Sales BPM is affordable.

One of our new customers invested thousands in offline marketing and online marketing with little results. Within the first 2 weeks of going live with our Online Marketing BPM, each day they have been receiving multiple online orders from 2 countries. Now they can plan to expand to other territories.

For one customer we managed to attract 5078 buyer ready visitors of which 1167 registered for app downloads.

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Breathe new life into your Sales.

As Google and Facebook dominate targeted advertising whether local, national or global, the challenge is to understand how to manage the Marketing Campaigns with them. This is not easy as there are conflicts of interest. The current preference for click based advertising payment means Google and Facebook get paid more for 1000 visitors than they would for 100 buyer visitors! So they leave it up to you to work out how to configure their advertising platforms to reach real buyers (ROI growth black curve) versus just visitors (ROI red curve)!

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Get A Free Market Research Report.

Within 2 business days we can complete a market research analysis on online sales potential of any of your products or services. Register with us to receive a free analysis of how many potential online buyers you can reach nationally for one of your products or services.

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Explore Online Marketing & Sales BPM

Online Marketing & Sales BPM is a lean management way of thinking. From creation of targeted adverts through to our local services booking apps each process step reduces waste.

Online Marketplace Readiness Assessment

For any of your products or services we can complete an assessment of the potential of your offering within a specific sales territory:

sales territories

Where & Who are your online buyers?

We help you find those towns, cities and countries where your type of offering is bought online. Additionally, we identify how your different customer segments approach buying products or services like yours online.

product-service competition

How do you compare to competition?

Within a short time we can assess who are your dominant online competitors for your products or services.

Choose one of your products or services now and contact us for a free Online Marketplace Readiness Assessment overview.

Go-To-Market Detailed Research


market research-1

Keyword Phrases Research

Your potential online buyers search for suppliers like you using 1000s of different phrases. We research 10,000s searches made over the last 12 months to make sure you don't miss those phrases that convert.

product-service competition

Niche Segment Research

Which keywords? What gender? What job? How old? Which interests? These and more criteria can identify your online buyer niches.

Progressive Market Campaigns

Collecting converting keyword phrases from initial Adwords Search campaigns ensures understanding on how to approach Social Media marketing.


Multi-Channel Marketing

Gain the best results with our integrated approach such as combining Adwords Search+Display, Facebook+Readvertising and Email marketing.

product-service competition

Advert Performance Focus

Changing just 2 words in an online advert can increase a Click Through Rate by over 3x. Our Split A-B adverts ensure you really talk your customers language.

Online Relationships Start With A Lead.

Information overload means getting a buyers attention online or offline is increasingly difficult.

product-service competition

Landing Page Design

Working with Split A-B landing pages and different promotion offers, we ensure you capture contact details for target online buyers.

product-service competition

Regular Communication

Once you have the page visits and contact details you can continue to establish your brand with readvertising and e-mail marketing.

Managing Online Opportunities.

Building online relationships with the B2C or B2B decision making unit for your product or service will ensure online opportunities become sales orders. For B2C we target Friends & Family and for B2B decison committees.Each customer purchase decision on a specific product or service will involve recommenders,influencers,decision makers and approvers. We will get the right online engagement with each of these decision making roles.

Tracking Online Relationships.

Having identified the B2B or B2C target audience and their decision making roles, now we need to offer the right content to them. We use the principles of the modern Persona Marketing approach (see Marketing Personas) to build the profiles of each role in the online decision making. For each persona buyer role we then identify the best relevant online content for your specific product or service such as our Online Appointment Booking System.

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Choose how you want to engage with us. Note B2B requires additional work to market to target customer assessor, decision maker and approver online profiles.


Online Market Research

  • Online Sales Forecast(single product/service)
  • Minimum 2 Online Buyer Segments
  • Top 3 Competitors(single territory)
  • Top 2 Segment Influencers
  • Decision Making Unit Online Roles(B2B Option +€70)
  • 100+ Online Buyer Keyword Phrases
  • Adwords Campaign Sales Forecast


Online Campaign Management

  • Online Marketing Research(single offering)
  • Adwords Search & Display Campaigns(single territory network)
  • New Landing Pages(2 x Split A/B per Campaign)
  • B2B Online Buyer Roles Pages(B2B Decision Makers Option-€POA)
  • Facebook PPC Campaigns(2 online buyer segments)
  • Universal Analytics Tracking(Enhanced Ecommerce + €95 per offering)


Online Lead Generation

  • Campaign Management Service(single offering)
  • Universal Analytics Tracking(incl Enhanced Ecommerce)
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • B2B Online Lead Qualification(Hot/Warm/Cold Option-€POA)
  • You Tube Campaigns(1 video per mth)
  • Autoresponder EMail Marketing(limited volumes per mth)

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Some Client Case Studies

Find out how our clients benefited from our services

Sherteme a 10 year old Skin Care cosmetics company gave up on traditional advertising and appointed us to focus on getting female and male 35 to 70 year old customers to an online store. In a single week after launching a product we delivered 6,438 adverts getting 120 online buyer visitors, 23 of which placed orders. Sherteme UK E-Store

Skin Care CosmeticsServices: Opportunity Management with Ecommerce Store Management

Hadley Marquees, when they missed their Yellow Pages advertising, we stepped in with Google Adwords and helped them deliver over 2000 customers during a 5 year period.

Event ManagementServices: Lead Generation with Event Booking Form

A key market segment for a Toni & Guy franchise included professional working women and men most of which wanted a more conventient way of making bookings. We set up a Landing Page online reservation system for new customers and existing customers. Within a few months over 300 appointment bookings were made online. Toni & Guy Zug Online Booking

Salon HairdressersServices: Marketing Campaigns including Appointment Online Booking Form

Concept Sud a Concept Store leader needed help in understanding what their international customer base searched for when looking to buy online. We assisted in finding over 3,000 searches per day for their designer handbag range across 3 sales territories. A significant number of keyword phrases were long tail from customers intent on purchasing. http://www.conceptstore.online

Concept StoreServices: Go-To-Market Research and ECommerce online shop

Meet the Team

We are a team of experienced management consultants with over 30 years of collective commercial experience.

Stephen Pye

Managing Partner-Central Europe Worked with 1,000s of marketing and sales departments both offline and online. Practice specialities include Online Lead Generation with Google Adwords and Landing Page design.

James Magin

Managing Partner-UK & N.Europe Worked across multiple business areas with 20 years of business process management experience. Practice specialities include workflow Autoresponder EMail Marketing and ECommerce Store management.

Patrick McGlinchey

Managing Partner-Ireland & S.Europe Worked in commercial finance with 20+ years of experience in commercial sales operations. Specialist areas include Social Media B2B and B2C online relationship management.

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